Friday, April 29, 2011

Gay Superhero’s Wedding Cake Topper

Look up in the sky!!!…. is it a bird…plane…or gay wedding cake topper..??

why does that line seem familiar to every Jimmy Olsen wannabe….?

Superhero Themed Wedding Cake Topper

Green Lantern and Flash aficionados' will be delighted I’m sure… as were these beard wearing same sex newlyweds…. even the pet hound got in the act wearing his cape inspired by Krypto ( if you dont know who he is you fail Superman 101)

yes, rest assured good citizens of Metropolis, that when the need to have a wedding cake topper created for a gay,same sex, whatever you want to call it wedding, that your relentless super figurine maker will be on duty… simply summon me at my Fortress of Muditude by calling the batphone hotline # 1 800 231 9814 and visit our secret identity lair at

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