Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bride and Groom on Boat Wedding Cake Topper

Ahoy landlubbers...let me tell you a tail .... of a fateful trip....the skipper was the handsome rugged type....his first mate was indeed about to become his mate!...yes these romantically  inclined non- castaways were travelling the Matrimonial hi seas!!...

...the crew are the most experienced chihuahuas on the maritime scene... so on with the Nuptials cruise!!!

bride and groom in boat wedding cake topper

Boaters Wedding Cake Topper

...any style of personalized figurine can be created to your specifications....
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design with us over the phone/email your own custom cake topper that is perfect for weddings,birthdays,graduations,retirements,,anniversaries,promotions or any special event!!
PS...these unique handmade statues dont have to be used as caketoppers!!...they are great sculptures on their own
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