Sunday, March 17, 2013

Photographer's Wedding Cake Topper's to life on the open sea's...where a photographer bride can get away for a few hours relaxation with her groom.... he's a globe trotting jet pilot and they love to share a glass of champagne in the morning...!

... best wishes to this fun in the sun couple ...we will join in a toast of champagne to their happy marriage!! :-)

it was a pleasure to sculpt their yacht themed wedding cake topper

Photographer Bride's Wedding Cake Topper

...any style of personalized figurine can be created to your specifications....
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design with us over the phone/email your own custom cake topper that is perfect for weddings,birthdays,graduations,retirements,,anniversaries,promotions or any special event!!

PS...these unique handmade statues dont have to be used as caketoppers!!...they are great sculptures on their own !!! 

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