Saturday, April 20, 2013

Frisbee Disc Golf Wedding Cake Topper

...on the beach is where this young couple love to kick up some sand and play some frisbee disc golf....

who doesn't love to indulge in a smattering of that wrist twisting sportiff....?

aiming a brightly colored disc at a far off goal...

... might it be an act like 2 contemporary cupids,  aiming their arrows of love towards their beloved....?

each the target of the other's affections...?

...perhaps we should just ignore the dusty musings of this humble sculptor, for that is not the issue today... is the announcement of the completion of the custom made frisbee disc golfers wedding cake topper...!!  release the frisbee!!...on with the Wedding!!....

Best Wishes to this athletic pair!!

disc golfers wedding cake topper

Frisbee Disc Golfers Wedding Cake Topper

...any style of personalized figurine can be created to your specifications....
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design with us over the phone/email your own custom cake topper that is perfect for weddings,birthdays,graduations,retirements,,anniversaries,promotions or any special event!!

PS...these unique handmade statues dont have to be used as caketoppers!!...they are great sculptures on their own !!! 

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